Meet the expert

Designed by a mum and potty training expert

Amanda Jenner, a mother of three, came up with the idea of My Carry Potty almost 15 years ago.

When she was potty training her eldest, an embarrassing situation inspired the thinking behind this innovative new product. “My son would only ever use his own potty which meant taking it everywhere with me in a carrier bag - not very elegant or hygienic! One day, while I was out shopping in a busy high street he needed to go, and it was the disapproving looks as I disposed of the contents down the nearest drain that got me thinking there has to be something better than this. 15 years later I have what I believe is the perfect product to successfully help you through potty training”






About Amanda

Amanda Jenner is a busy mum of three juggling her motherhood with her successful business. Since inventing My Carry Potty over 15 years ago and launching into stores worldwide 5 years ago, Amanda has also written a book and is in the process of writing many more covering all aspects of a growing toddlers to teens.

Amanda has quickly become known as the UK’s potty training expert. With 18 years of parenting experience she is passionate about helping parents and children worldwide to combat the challenges of potty training and many more milestones as they grow.

Amanda has created a potty training programme that will be used throughout nursery schools worldwide. Not only will this save parents and nursery schools money, this will also help our environment.

Amanda is a regular in columns giving her tips and expert advice, and she also attends many schools and universities to encourage students to delve into the world of innovation. From radio to stage talks Amanda is passionate about helping others by sharing her expert advice.

Winning many awards over the last 5 years such as New Business Woman Award 2010, Entrepreneur of the year 2010, Business Woman of the Year 2013, British Female Inventor of the Year 2014, and Special Recognition BFIIN Award 2014.